Bathroom Cleaner: Refill Capsule of 10ml- 1 Litre


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Bathroom Cleaner: Refill Capsule of 10ml- 1 Litre


Perfect for:

Acid based cleaner suitable for removing water marks, lime scale and for the cleaning of all kinds of bathroom surfaces. Especially suitable for bathtubs, bathroom fittings, floors and bathroom surfaces in general.

Direction of Use:

Spray a fine mist over the surface to be cleaned. Wipe with clean and dry cotton cloth (micro fiber cloth advised for best results) to complete cleaning

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  • 100% soluble capsules
  • Environment friendly as they reduce plastic waste
  • Safe as the capsules packaging avoid direct contact with the product
  • 100% non-toxic chemicals
  • Refills are precisely dosed and lead to no wastage of the product


1. Detach trigger and drop the capsules
2. Fill the bottle with warm tap water, replace trigger
3. Wait 1 minute, shake to dissolve refill
4. Ready to use in just 2 minutes!


Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 10 cm


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