Arjuna Bark Powder for Heart Functioning – 1 kg Powder – Pack of 2


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  • Considered to act as heart care powder
  • May support healthy blood pressure
  • Considered to support healthy cholesterol levels
  • May promote effective heart functions

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Arjuna Chaal/ Arjuna Chaal Powder/ Arjuna Herb for Heart Health

To find the most effective and natural heart tonic that promotes a healthy lifestyle, herbal Arjuna Powder is a wise choice. Arjuna chaal’s botanical name is Terminalia arjuna and it may have essential cardiovascular applications. Additionally, Arjuna Chaal Powder contains arjunic acid, amino acids, calcium, tannins, magnesium, gallic acid, flavones, zinc, and iron. Through these nutrients, this Arjuna herb for the heart may exert cardiotonic, adjuvant, antibacterial and anticoagulant properties.

Arjuna Chaal Powder may support cardiac wellness and may also maintain healthy blood pressure and lipid levels. It may protect heart cells, improve capillary circulation and may strengthen heart muscles. This herbal supplement may be useful in chest pain, heart attack and chronic heart conditions. Consequently, it may support healthy blood pressure. Arjuna chaal may also be beneficial in weight management.
Moreover, Arjuna Powder may act as a heart tonic which may maintain smooth cardiovascular functions & healthy circulatory system to offer a healthy lifestyle. Due to our hectic lifestyle, heart-related disorders are on the rise. Having a natural solution for them is always helpful.

Moreover, Arjuna Powder may also help in certain lung problems, diarrhea, urinary issues, and digestive conditions.

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Direction of Use:

Take 3 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician.


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