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Grow your income with Paazy Shop Affiliate program. A complete business idea, to solve your financial problem. Just create your affiliate link to any page in creative section, which you want to promote. And post your link at website, social media site, blog anywhere where ever you like.

People shop and you generate the income. Just think over it… Recommending people about a unique business opportunity. Let’s understand in simple manner.

You have two platform, One is Paazy Club and Second is Paazy Shop. First start your all shopping through Paazy Club and Paazy Shop. With the powerful saving system you can save money on every shopping by generating revenue on every transaction of Paazy Club and Paazy Shop. As you know it is profit share club. After 90 days you shall be getting profit share. Starting with Affiliate and reaching to to Associate level by generating or having 15 points in your Paazy Club account. To maintain marketing cost and generate Profit Share you need to send 5 points every month. So As you know 1 point is equal to $1 USD. Your all monthly referral payout will send to your Paazy Club account. So keep the same email ID to register the account. More points means more income. To redeem your points is very easy. On your shopping checkout you can pay through your points. To purchase the product you can checkout through Banks and send the money through UPI in India at paazyclub@upi.

So start recommending friends to why you prefer Paazy Club for your shopping. Because it helps you to Shop, Save and Earn money. Show the activity of Paazy Club to save money and help them to join through your affiliate link with Associate Plus at Paazy Shop. So whenever your refer, shop at Paazy Shop you generate the 5% as your referral Income addition to Profit Share. Your Profit share income increases as your level grow.

Paazy Club – Inspire!

Join Paazy Club to take advantage of Shop, Save and Earn in your country. Paazy Club is marketing channel partner of many merchants in US, Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil,India and Rest of the World. Join us to Shop and save money from these merchants.We have listed top merchants from different countries. Just select the country or group to shop every time. And Bookmark or find the merchant pages you like, get latest offer and discount coupon to save money every time.

Every Purchase, Helps you in Need! Shop Where it Matters!

As you know maximum companies provide Reward Points on your shopping. Same thing we do but we say Loyalty Points. In Paazy Club you can only shop and save with offers and discount coupon. But at Paazy Shop you can generate Cashback, referral and profit share income.


You can search your favorite merchants in search box with there name or website. And result shows within second. Click the link and reach to merchant page and save through latest offer and discount coupons. Search your favorite merchant here

Shop by Category

You can also join the Country Group to shop and get all latest updates of Merchants. If you don’t see your country name, you can join the Group Shopping World. In this group we have selected the merchants who provide shipping to every country. Start shopping with Shopping World merchants and save the money with us.

Shopping World India Shopping News
US Shopping News Canada Shopping News
UK Shopping News Singapore
Australia Travel News
Financial World School Club


At our Activity section of Group you can get all updates of our Merchants Articles for their Product and services. Paazy Club has page name Activity. In this page you can see all updates of Paazy Club Blogs and Groups. Moreover you can search the merchant name in Activity Search and find latest offer and deals. Join the Group and get latest updates of our merchants who serve your country. Read articles and start saving money with latest offer and deals from Merchants and Paazy Club.

Reach to Paazy Club Activity Page


This innovative method for reducing poverty and unemployment.…. Introducing Paazy Club as a Profit Share Club. We share our profit of worldwide sale with our Associate members. Either you shop at Paazy Shop or at Merchant website all our Associate members are eligible to get Referral Income and share of profit of worldwide sale. Unlimited Products, NO Joining Fee, No selling required, Work without boundaries and life time income opportunity make us difference from others. Start your career journey Affiliate to CEO.

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Find your client or customer with us?

Step 1

Register as Associate and start promoting your business, Create Free Business Profile to promote your business offer and deals. if you don’t have any business to promote, Promote Paazy Club and enjoy the passive income. To get more information reach our Opportunity page.

Step 2

About : Update your Profile to understand yourself or business…..You can also create a FREE website or blog to promote your product and services. To update you can reach My Account section in Menu.

Step 3

Start Advertising and Save Money

Acitivity : The main part of website, Start updating your offer and deals in your activity section. And we shall show your announcement in our Activity Section where you can find our worldwide merchants and their offer. Post your activity and reach to the world. Start promoting your business offer and deals with your business web pages. Join our Associate Program to get share of profit worldwide sale.

Start advertising, Click here to Join our Associate Program here..

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Promote your Website or blog

If you have a website or blog and want to promote than you need to update with our Associate program. If Paazy Club is your approved marketing channel partner, and you are not getting enough traffic than please start a conversation through email or messenger.

Save money on your Shopping

Type the merchant name in Search Activity and find latest offer, deals and blog. Shop every time with Paazy Club to save and earn money. So in one search you can find everything.

Shopping on Right Time.

Many time merchant gives special offer to promote his sale. It may be on special time or occasion or day to boost his sale. On that particular period you can save more with Cash back and huge discount on your shopping. So you need to read carefully to check the right time to shop. All latest updates of merchants and Paazy Club offer are at our Activity section. All updates of Merchants are directly link to their website or blog to read latest Articles.

Join the Right Group

Paazy Club have many Groups like India Shopping news, US Shopping News, UK Shopping News, Shopping World, Financial World and many more. We recommend to join your country group to get latest update of merchant to save on your shopping. If your Country Group is not listed, Don’t worry… There is group name Shopping World. You can join, we have carefully listed those merchants who provide shipping Internationally. You can select Paazy Club updates from our Groups and different Blogs… Updating your knowledge, which help our user to get latest information for different topics, Offers, Discount Coupons through Articles and Messages. With addition to this you can find Forex, Club updates and shopping news.

Note: If your business is listed or your want to show your offer and deals, you can drop a message on messenger. For any inquiry you can write us on messenger.

Shopping : Once Registered, Join the group to know merchants who serve your country, read articles from them and get the latest offers.

Easy to Shop


Rest of World (Shopping World): Click here to find list of merchants who provide shipping to almost every country. Moreover you can get latest offer here.

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Once downloaded the WordPress you can reach to Reader Section. At followed site you can write same way if you want to read news about your country merchant offer or Group activity put the URL

How to shop at Paazy Club?

Merchant shop Paazy Shop

Find merchants to shop and save
in your country. You can
select the category or
country to shop at loyalty Club.
We have listed top merchants
from different countries. Just
select the country
or category to shop every time.
And Bookmark the merchant pages
you like, get latest offer and
discount coupon to save
money every time.
Shop by Merchants

Looking for ability in any field or
information. We shall help you to
find relevant information and
educational products through
eBooks and certified online course.
Paazy Shop is a complete
Marketplace to find relevant
informational products to boost
your Knowledge and start

Shop at Paazy Shop

Steps of Success

Register with us to Shop, Save and Earn Money. Once you have Registered with us, just login and update your profile. Start shopping your daily needs products. Save with our offer and deals every time.

Make Friends or Followers for your business. Update your activity like offer and deals.

Login to Paazy Shop with same credentials and Join the Affiliate Program to make life time customer with us. Promote your links to generate Paazy points as your referral Income. You can generate 5% on every transaction as Affiliate.

1 Paazy Point = $1

Upgrade your profile with Associate program. And start getting Share of Profit of worldwide sale. As your Rank increase, your profit share increases.

Achieve Ranks, to grow your Income.

All members listed below do get Share of profit of worldwide sale after three-month as under. Affiliate members are not eligible for share of profit worldwide sale.

Note : To get more information about ranks and eligibility, you need to reach here. 

Example : You and members shop at Loyalty Shop or Merchant Shop on January. You shall get paid share of profit worldwide sale (included Paazy Merchants shopping) on May.

Click here to Become our Prestigious Associate Member.


As you know, on every shopping you generate the points as your Cash back points. Same points calculated here. For everybody who has 15 Paazy points and pay 5 points every month as advertising fee are eligible to get Bonus. And Bonus is declared Quarterly on your Loyalty points.


You can win the rewards prizes every month. There will be contest to hits the target. Grow your income with Paazy Points.