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Start alluding and create Super Points

Start Shopping and develop your Super Points. On each shopping, produce Super Points. So when you allude someone to Paazy Shop, your client remains yours forever time. So at whatever point, your allude shop, you will create Super Points forever time. Get Super Points on your and other shopping. So at whatever point your companions shop and create Super Points and you additionally produce same focuses.

This is Affiliate area of the store. In the event that you are a current Affiliate part, if it's not too much trouble sign in to get to your control board.

In the event that you are not an Affiliate, yet wish to get one, you should apply. To apply, you should be an enlisted client on this Paazy Shop. On the off chance that you have a current record on this Shop, it would be ideal if you sign in. If not, you can Register FREE.

Start your profession as Affiliate in Paazy Shop and you can reach to CEO level. As your Rank develops, your benefit share salary develops. As an associate you are qualified for get 5% as referral Income. Start advancing your referral connect or your site and hold your clients forever time. All regularly scheduled payout and cashback will be send to Paazy Shop Account fit as a fiddle of Super Points. Furthermore, our 1 point is equivalent to $1. In the event that didn't have account in Paazy Club, You can enroll with same email id at Paazy Club Registration page.

Benefit Share : Promote your item or benefits and get portion of benefit of overall closeout of Paazy Club and Paazy Shop. On the off chance that you join as Associate, you can get 25 Super Points as Cashback. We are paying 5% as portion of benefit of overall deal as extra advantage who keep up 25 Points and shop each month at Paazy Shop. As your Points develop, your benefit share pay likewise develops. To find out about benefit share arrive at Opportunity page..

You can recover Super Points whenever at Paazy Shop